We celebrate the great blessing of a newborn with a ceremony that brings them into the covenant, and confers upon them a Hebrew name.

A girl is named at a Torah reading (on Shabbat, Monday, Thursday, holidays or Rosh Chodesh), and a boy is named at his Brit Milah.

A Brit Milah (also known as a bris) is the ceremony that welcomes a baby boy into the Jewish community through the ritual of circumcision on the eighth day of his new life.

We can help you get you in contact with a Mohel (ritual circumciser), help the parents understand the ceremony, and co-officiate, along with the Mohel. The ceremony can be held in the home or at the synagogue.

In these powerful ceremonies, the parents confirm their family’s participation in the eternal commitment between G‑d and the Jewish people and their affirmation of Jewish life for another generation.

We can work with you to think through and design your ceremony in a way that merges Jewish tradition with your family’s needs.